"because this is my happy ending."
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"hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home"-J.K rowling

my OTPs: jane/lisbon, rumplestilskin/belle and damon/elena.

others couple I love: chuck/blair, draco/hermione, spencer/toby, robin/barney, brooke/lucas, mark/lexie, sam/quinn, naomi/liam, richard/kahlan, alex/izzie, brooke/julian, meredith/derek

real life OTPs:ian somerhalder/nina dobrev emma watson/tom felton

completely obsessed with ian somerhalder, tom felton and simon baker.
girl crushes: nina dobrev, emilie de ravin, emma watson and dianna agron.
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A Fair Amount of Crap: I guess I can see your point (but not really) ...a rant ...in gif form


Rumbelle is such an abusive relationship.

I mean, damn, he took her by force from her family.



Oh, no …my bad, she went willingly. And it was her idea.

But he forces her to watch him kill someone.


Yeah, except he didn’t.



She has no free will at all, he controls…


trying to go into s3 with zero hopes for belle but:

Maguire will be replacing Robin Hood in the Belle-centric storylines

Maguire will be appearing in season three for at least a four-episode arc and he is set to reaffirm his alliance with Belle’s Emilie De Ravin.”

belle exists to the writers and i’m emotional


okay what’s the ship name for lana and emilie because I ship it so fkin much and I feel there should be a ship name so it’s an official thing

their ship name is parravin :D

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Rumple fans.. please satisfy my curiosity…


Reblog if your first anti-hero love was Professor Snape